What is Lightspeed Restaurant (O-Series)?

Lightspeed Restaurant (O-Series) is a cloud based POS system specialising in hospitality, loved by over 10,000 venues across Australia and New Zealand. Formerly known as Kounta, founded in Sydney, Australia, in 2012 by Nick Cloete,  Kounta was acquired by Lightspeed in October 2019 - a leading omnichannel point of sale platform based in Montreal, Canada.

It caters to all types of venues: from small espresso bars to multi-venue restaurants. Offering flexible monthly plans that suit different business needs, Lightspeed lets you build a POS that’s right for you and ready for what the future holds. So when your business grows, so does your point of sale.

How does Lightspeed Restaurant (O-Series) integrate with Abode?

The Lightspeed Restaurant (O-Series) integration allows orders recorded in Lightspeed Restaurant (O-Series) to be 'Charged to Room', so the order is added to the Abode booking record for payment on Checkout.

Learn how to setup the Lightspeed Restaurant (O-Series) integration with Abode.