In this part of the tutorial series, we’ll show how to stay in touch with your customers - from the day they book their stay until the day they leave, and beyond.

A great customer experience starts with the moment they make a booking. From then on, it’s up to the accommodation provider to make things as clear and easy as possible for the customer. One important part of this process is the communication via email: Confirmation emails, reminders, checkout email and follow-ups. 

If you have a great automated email process in place for your customers to give them the right information at the right time, and stay in touch also after their stay, they will recommend you to their friends and will most likely come back again.

We wrote an extensive article of how to set up different kind of emails such as confirmation, reminder, cancellation or check-out emails, in our knowledge base. Click here so see the article.

If you have any questions or need some help, reach out to our support team.