If your AbodeBooking system is integrated with a channel manager, you may occasionally receive an 'unallocated' booking. It will look like it is sitting on the top of your calendar (see screenshot below).

There are three reasons why the booking has not been allocated a room/bed:

  1. There is space available in consecutive nights, but not in the same room/bed.
  2. A legitimate double booking has occurred, where two guests have booked the same room/bed, for the same night, at exactly the same time.
  3. There is a problem with the room mapping between Abode and your channel manager.

  1. To make space available for consecutive nights, you will need to re-arrange the bookings in your calendar. Use the 'unallocate' function to do this (using right click, or the 'Unallocate' button on the booking).
  2. If a legitimate booking occurred, your will need to handle the double booking as per your property's policy and then either allocate or cancel the extra booking.
  3. If you think there is space available for the booking, please contact AbodeBooking support immediately to check all mapping is correct between your systems on support@abodebooking.com